Why do we love women from behind, by they love us from the front?!
From movies and life everybody knows the fact that men like to look at women from behind, but few people think about the root causes. As the weaker sex is mostly engaged in the low qualified rough work caring for children, cooking meals and keeping the home clean, the main indicator of the ability of this not hard, but time-consuming work is a slim shape with no frills: fast, flexible and lightweight. The diametric difference of weight gain is the difference in the beginning of violation of bodily constitution. 
In one case, the gain starts from the buttocks, after complete filling it moves as a "tendon" to the inside of the thighs and goes down, covering the feet and goes up to the ankle. Only then happens the raising of fat to the abdomen, crushing the waist and rising to the chest and arms. Men have a diametrically opposite scenario, and this speaks of metabolic disorder and points to sedentary lifestyle - sexual debility.
For example, adults know the fact that all sorts of spicy dishes and herbs containing vitamins dramatically increase "sexual drive". Tobacco and alcohol are also included in the long list, but what are the reasons? Everything that increases metabolism is like stimulants. Excretion of extra gastric acid due to the irritation of intestinal walls together with the pressure and heart rate increasing "horse killing poisons", is for the benefit of the "night of love".
For example, one of the first signs of metabolic disorder in men with the appropriate "soft impotence" can be slow movements, balding, skin problems and smell of the mouth. Only in a village a "Spring attack" of the spectacular men tummy that has survived winter, indicates wealth and excess of power - appearance of vitamins and a more active lifestyle increases the opportunities for sexual satisfaction. 
For example, not only the width of the hips and narrow waist indicate soundness of a woman, but also a wide crotch when legs are moved together, absence of the ass "hanging on the legs" or already visually adherent to the legs - slightly raised and at the bottom is contrastingly round.
For example, excessive weight of women does not only speak of the impossibility of tireless work around home, but also about the end of the sexual development - frigidity. Former caresses and kisses are felt like "through a quilt", “relaxation” can be achieved only after massive hammering of the body and strong squeezing for asphyxia and loss of orientation in space.